Seeing is believing.

We offer you free access to our OC|miner DEMO frontend. It demonstrates some of the functionalities you can expect from our OC|Miner product.

We invite you to watch the following videos to learn about some of the basic functionalities before checking them out yourself. You can also watch all videos in a row by clicking here


>Start the free DEMO here.<


OC|miner DEMO tutorial video #1 - Overview

OC|miner DEMO tutorial video #2 - Simple Search

OC|miner DEMO tutorial video #3 - Filtering results

OC|miner DEMO tutorial video #4 - Expert Search

OC|miner DEMO tutorial video #5 - Compound Search


Demo restrictions:
The demo contains no analysis tools, only a handful of ontologies for entity recognition and only Medline abstracts as well as only a small subset of 20.000 PMC documents, a miniscule amount compared to the vast data repositories that are included in the full product. See inside for details.

If you are interested in our products and if you like the demo, we will gladly grant you a 14-day trial access to the full version. Please contact us about it.


Direct link OC|miner DEMO